Thin Aluminum Baseball Bat

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The Aluminum Baseball Bat is designed particularly thin, with the head diameter of 3cm (1.18inch) and the handle diameter of 2.5cm (0.98inch).

With the weight of just 340g (0.75lb) thanks to its Aluminum alloy, the bat is an ideal lightweight tool for shoulder joint mobility routine and baseball or softball aim practice.

The handy measures make it easy to store in your gym bag and discreetly in your car.

Great tool for sword or stick fighters to improve the wrist and arm movements.

In fact, the bat is also well balanced for uses in Eskrima, Arnis, Kali and related Filipino Martial Arts.

In case of emergency the bat can become a perfect aid for escaping dangerous situations or self defense.


Length: 78cm (31inch)

Head diameter: 3cm (1.18inch)

Handle diameter: 2.5cm (0.98inch)

Weight: 0.34kg (0.75lb)

Material: Aluminum Alloy

(Please mind that colors on your screen might be different from reality) 

Customer Reviews

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Roscoe Green

No real baseball bat, much to thin

Alessandro Casper

Fast shipping. Good quality. Eco-friendly seller... Strongly recommended

Augustus Kuhlman

Exactly how I expected. Very happy with them :-)

Frances Lind

product is good. The delivery is reliable and the seller is reliable... Strongly recommended

Loyce Larson

Fast shipping. Very nice bat!