Full Face Boxing Helmet

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This Full Face Boxing Helmet will keep your sparring sessions safe without bothering your head movements.

Lightweight and comfortable, the Full Face Boxing Helmet is made in microfiber fabric on the inside to help keeping your head dry from sweat.

On the outside the ecologic PU leather is resistant to abrasions and easy to clean.

The helmet sports a wide eyes window which grant you full sight range. As we know "the most dangerous punch is the one that you don't see", this head gear will get you covered. 

Particular attention is given to the jaw protection with the implementation of the soft wrap under your chin.

In addition, side donut cushions will save your ears from infamous "cauliflower" effect after repeated impacts.

Completely adjustable and easy to wear.

Great for safety sparring and for beginners.

It fit perfectly for training in Boxing, Muay Thai, Sanda, Taekwondo and other striking combat sports.

Available in different sizes to suit kids and adults.

Wide array of colors:  White, black, Red, Orange, Camouflage and White / Grey.

 Check the correct size in the chart here below before placing your order.

boxing helmet size chart
How to measure head circumference
boxing helmet wide eyes window detail
boxing helmet adjustable wrap detail
boxing helmet jaw protection feature and inside microfiber detail
boxing helmet white color with other colors display

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Demetrius Hills

Not the colors I wanted but the helmets are fine.

Camryn Kemmer

Small size s per boy 5.5 years old

Brandt Davis

Delivered quickly, the quality is also good. No questions.

Bella Cummerata

muy muy Melo

Jay Sporer

Helmet, super. Sat comfortably, qualitatively 5 +