Water Resistant Tactical Pen with Tungsten Steel Head

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This self-defense tactical pen head is made of tungsten steel through hard anodic oxidation processing, which can be your perfect self-defense tool for emergency.

Beside being a cool and very efficient writing tool, this pen is built with combat in its core and can be extremely helpful in any extreme situation.
Diamond shape design at the handle, excellent anti-skid ability.

The Tungsten Steel tip is proven to shatter car windshield glass and it may save your life in case you are trapped after an accident.The ergonomic shape wont let the pen slide out of your hand and the clip assure a solid grip to your shirt, backpack, purse, notebook or any pocket.

Scuba grade O-Rings are keeping the ink tip and the inside of the pen completely dry and moisture free. Which makes this tactical tool perfect for any condition and water resistant.

Smoking Grey Color and matte finishing make this tool discrete and handy for office daily use, but it may save lives when properly handled.

Pen with cap off presentation Water Resistant Tactical Pen with Tungsten Steel Head