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Eskrima in Cebu – A Filipino Martial Arts Journey

The Hidden Masters of Cebu
Started as a promo, this project quickly became an incredibly interesting document for all Martial Artists interested in Eskrima, Arnis, Kali and empty hand combatives.

Thanks to the stories told by the Carin Brothers about their father Vincent "Inting" Carin in Cebu we saw that there is an incredible amount of experiences yet to be discovered.

Coming directly from the WW2 era, when fighting skills were used in guerrilla and local duels, these stories made the FMA what is today and we truly believe that these stories should be told.

There are many unknown "hidden" masters in Cebu that are not known just because of language barriers and because they just don't know how to market themselves, and we are willing to make them known and help them improve their teachings.


Eskrima in Cebu The hidden masters thumb with Alfredo and Jun Carin

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